Chemical drugs are drugs that contain small molecules.

CT Pharma Research carries out the development studies of the equivalents of the products in this category in accordance with the current regulations. A valid study methodology is applied for generic drug development studies. This methodology includes the following stages, in order;

· Formulation Development
· Analytical Method Development
· Stability
· Scale Up and Technology Transfer
· CTD File (Module 3)

Pharmaceutical technology is a science of pharmacy that examines the steps required to develop the most appropriate dosage form according to the physicochemical properties of the active substance in order to ensure that an active substance is taken by the patient at the dose where it is therapeutically effective, and to produce this dosage form by taking into account the quality control and quality assurance stages.

CT Pharma Research develops generic drugs in solid, liquid, semi-solid and parenteral dosage forms, and has carried out more than 200 drug R&D projects for more than 23 customers.

CT Pharma Research has successfully completed the equivalent drug R&D project in tablet solid dosage form developed for itself within the scope of TUBITAK Teydep 1507.