Our Story


CT Pharma Research was established in 2012 under the name of "Custom-Tailored Pharma Research" with the aim of " Custom-Tailored Pharmaceutical Research and Development" for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

The CT Pharma Research logo and name “Custom-Tailored” are formed from the initials of our “Custom-Tailored” solutions concept.

The CT Pharma Research logo is protected by trademark registration.

In addition to pharmaceutical R&D studies, CT Pharma Research also carries out R&D studies of “Custom-Tailored” food supplements and cosmeceutical products for the needs of different health fields with a pharmaceutical R&D perspective. All R&D studies are carried out in the CT Pharma Research R&D laboratory located in TUBITAK Martek Technology Development Zone.

We symbolize the need in the field of health targeted by the product with blue, the color of communication, dreams and the sky. Besides this we symbolize the custom-tailored product which R&D work will be carried out with orange, the color of creativity and soil. The target in the field of human health and the product we developed custom-tailored to meet this need are symbolized by the combination of mountains that support each other.

As CT Pharma Research, we listen to your health needs and produce Custom-Tailored solutions for your needs. It is our job to develop innovative and "Custom-Tailored" pharmaceutical products, food supplements and cosmeceuticals.



In 2017, CT Pharma Research established TFLL Pharma Turkey and TFLL Pharma Belgium companies to carry out the sales and marketing activities of special food supplements branded “Custom Supplements”, which developed for human health by taking the body's natural antioxidant defense system to its target. TFLL Pharma operates at Bioville Teknopak in the Flemish region of Belgium. “Custom Supplements” brand is protected by trademark registration both in Turkey and Europe.

The first products launched under the brand “Custom Supplements” are “Custom® 500 mg Glutathione + 10 mcg Selenium Food Supplement” containing glutathione, the strongest antioxidant produced by the body, and “Custom® 37.5 mg Curcumin + 10 mcg Selenium Food Supplement” containing curcumin, the strongest antioxidant in nature.

For detailed information, see www.tfllpharma.com

To purchase “Custom Supplements” branded food supplements from Turkey, see www.aboutfuture.shop

To purchase “Custom Supplements” branded food supplements from Belgium, see www.aboutfutureshop.com



CT Pharma Research established Planto Health in 2022 to license and market the special food supplements and cosmeceutical products it developed for human health by taking women's and children's health into its center. “Planto”, “Planto Health” and “Planto Health House” brands are protected by trademark registration in Turkiye.

For detailed information, see www.plantohealth.com

To purchase products sold by Planto Health in Turkey by conducting R&D studies at CT Pharma Research, see www.plantohealthhouse.com


CT Pharma Research celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2022. At the end of this 10-year period, two different sister companies, TFLL Pharma and Planto Health, were born from the R&D power of CT Pharma Research. The R&D power behind the "Custom Tailored" food supplements and cosmeceutical products, which are sold and marketed by TFLL Pharma and Planto Health companies, comes from the parent company, CT Pharma Research. As CT Pharma Research, we have been doing R&D since 2012 in the fields of pharmaceuticals, supplements and cosmeceuticals for human health with our “Custom-Tailored” solutions.





CT Pharma Research established CT Pharma Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Industry and Foreign Trade Joint Stock Company in 2023 to carry out the licensing, sales and marketing activities of the drugs it has developed.