Information Security KVK

In order to achieve our vision of being the leading technology company preferred by health sector stakeholders in Turkey and our region, we know the value of the information we produce, use and store, in electronic and printed media belonging to ourselves and our customers, and we take all necessary measures to protect this information.


In accordance with our Information Security Policy, we adopt the following principles and act in line with these principles in our activities;


- Our CT Pharma Research brand is protected by trademark registration.
- We sign confidentiality agreements with all our customers.
- We sign a confidentiality and competition agreement with all our personnel.
- We take measures to protect the confidentiality of our own and our customers' information against unauthorized disclosures.
- We make authorizations in such a way that access to information is provided only to authorized persons, taking into account the business reason.
- We protect the integrity of information against unauthorized changes.
- We meet all relevant legal and regulatory requirements as well as contractual requirements.