We undertake pharmaceutical R&D activities based on the feedback we receive from physicians and up-to-date scientific information in the field of health and medicine.

CT Pharma Research was established in 2012 under the name of "Custom-Tailored Pharma Research" with the aim of " Custom-Tailored Pharmaceutical Research and Development" for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and specializes in the development of generic medicinal products (equivalents) containing small molecules and peptides.

CT Pharma Research offers “Custom-Tailored” solutions in the field of generic medicinal product (equivalent drug) R&D containing small molecules and peptides. It has realized more than 200 pharmaceutical R&D projects for more than 23 customers since 2012 to 2022. All R&D studies are carried out in the CT Pharma Research R&D laboratory located in TUBITAK Martek Technology Development Zone.

A human medicinal product (drug) is defined as “a combination of active substances or substances of natural and/or synthetic origin that is administered to humans for the purpose of treating and/or preventing disease, making a diagnosis or correcting, regulating or modifying a physiological function”.

Original medicinal product (original drug) is defined as “a product that is licensed/permitted to be put on the market for the first time in the world, by proving that it has scientifically acceptable efficacy, quality and safety in terms of active substance(s)”.

A generic medicinal product (equivalent drug) is defined as “a medicinal product that has the same qualitative and quantitative composition and the same pharmaceutical form as the original medicinal product in terms of active substances, and whose bioequivalence with the original medicinal product has been proven by appropriate bioavailability studies”.

Medicinal products for human use are divided into two main groups as small molecules and biotechnological molecules.

Biotechnological molecules are divided into three main headings as peptides, proteins and vaccines.