Custom Supplements R&D Studies


As CT Pharma Research, our goal in the development project of Custom Supplements branded food supplements is to develop products in which the legal requirements of all relevant regions are jointly met, since the products are intended for both the Turkish and European markets.

Permission and approval processes of food supplements in Turkey are under the control of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and a positive list has been published for plants that can be used in supplements, as well as a restricted list of substances containing information on doses and user age for molecules other than plants. are also available.

General requirements for food supplements in Europe are set by EFSA, but each country acts according to its own legislation. Since these products will be sold in Belgium, their permission will be obtained from the Belgian Health Authority by our company TFLL Pharma Belgium. For this purpose, the decisions of both EFSA and the Belgian Health Authority regarding the selected molecules were examined.

The doses of the molecules determined for the Custom Supplements branded food supplement R&D project were determined to be used in food supplements both in Turkey and Europe, and R&D studies were carried out to include these doses.