We undertake cosmeceutical products R&D studies based on the feedback we receive from physicians and up-to-date scientific information in the field of health.

CT Pharma Research offers “Custom-Tailored” solutions in the field of cosmeceutical products R&D.

Cosmetic product; All substance prepared for application to the external parts of the human body;  epidermis, nails, hair, hair, lips and external genitalia, or the teeth and oral mucosa, whose sole or primary purpose is to clean, scent, change their appearance, protect them, keep them in good condition or correct body odours or mixtures.

In current laws or regulations, dermo cosmetic and cosmeceutical products are not defined differently from cosmetic products. However, in the development of products defined under the name of cosmeceuticals, unlike cosmetic products, development studies are carried out from a pharmaceutical perspective, and their toxicological profiles are evaluated by taking into account the NOEL values ​​in the selection of the substances used, and the products are inspected with clinical tests in terms of both effectiveness and side effects.

CT Pharma Research carries out the development studies of the products in this category in accordance with the current regulations.

All R&D studies are carried out in the CT Pharma Research R&D laboratory located in TUBITAK Martek Technology Development Zone.

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