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Our founder Dr. Şerhan Şimşek, has believed the importance of scientific and academic studies’ always being in cooperation with industry and has worked at research and development and technology departments in the pharmaceutical industry for long years while at the same time building his academic career.

With his love of science, he has won awards in the science project competitionswhile he was attending high school education, he has won the second award at the project competition organized by Tübitak’s Scientist Development Group in his university years and following completion of his education on Biology, he has begun his career at R&D department of Bilimİlaç. Within the same year, he has started a master’s program onMolecular Biology and continued his scientific studies.

In the 2000s when bioequivalence, patent and data protection have began to be implemented in the pharmaceutical industry, besides formulation development activities in the generic drug industry, the studies on patent screening and formulation design according to existing patents have begun. Dr. Şerhan Şimşek, throughout his career at Bilimİlaç, has conducted studies on patent reviews of liquid, semi solid and parenteral dosage forms with solid dosage forms being in the first place, development of generic formulations and their transfer to manufacturing and preparation of application files. He has completed the Molecular Biology master’s program in the year 2000 and began his Pharmaceutical Biotechnology doctoral program in a period when the subject of biotechnology was not well known within the Turkish Pharmaceutical Market.
While continuing his doctoral study in the field of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, he has transferred as formulation development director to İlsanHexal Pharmaceutical Company andengaged informulation development activities, studies on patent-free formulation design and new product selection and worked actively in the Sandoz-Hexal merger committees.

After incorporation of İlsanHexal into the structure of Sandoz, he has worked on resolving the issues related to the problematic products, root cause analysis and technology transfer as the manager of Process Technology Department. Being in close touch with Sandoz’s global committees, he has involved in alternative API and excipient assessment activities and in the studies of harmonization of quality, production and purchasing departments. Also, he has been in the committee for preparation to FDA audit and worked on organization of the activities between quality and production.

In 2007, he has completed his doctoral program and entitled the title Doctor and continued his career as the Regional Technical Manager of Colorcon Turkey and Middle East. At this position, he has founded the technical service laboratory of Colorcon Turkey, organized training activities intended for entire pharmaceutical industry and delivered trainings as instructor. In addition, he has engaged in activities for resolving the technical problems which the Turkey and Middle East based clients encounter, related to their existing products and in new product projects.

Dr. Şerhan Şimşek still continues providing consultancy in order for transferring his long term pharmaceutical industry experience to entire pharmaceutical industry, under the roof of the CT Pharma Consulting company.

Throughout his career of approximately 16 years, besides many technical trainings, he has also attended trainings onorganization, team management, team building, business development and personal development.

He is married with one child. He is fluent in English and Turkish.