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Who we are

We started out for the purpose of offering long term and efficient consultancy solutions to our clients with our experience we have gained through long yearsin the pharmaceutical industries of Turkey and Middle East. We endeavor for offering flexible solutions to the pharmaceutical companies seeking for quality, expertise, experience and trust.

What we do

Besides offering improvement in current products of our existing clients by utilizing scientific methodology based methods, we also provide support in the stages of new product selection and development of these products analyzing their current situation. We develop optimum solutions by combining our customer-specific solution understanding with Turkey’s specific conditions. We focus on the future and combine our flexible consultancy services with recent technologies and aim to come up withthe best solutions for our clients. We organize various training programs intended for R&D, manufacturing, quality, sales and marketing personnelon the subjects of pharmaceutical technology and product development, pharmaceutical biotechnology, pharmaceutical patent practices, international patent rules in the pharmaceutical practices and pharmaceutical quality and deliver the recent developments.

Why Out-Sourcing

In the pharmaceutical industry, where competition is intensifying rapidly, pharmaceutical technology applications are also continuously improving. For the sake of competition, preserving the market presence with respect to the licensed products and introduction into market as the first generic or at the right time with respect to thenew products are becoming increasingly important.

Through monitoring the advancements in the pharmaceutical technology field, the pharmaceutical companies can achieve optimum time and cost for their existing products and so improve their productivity and profitability. However, the specialists responsible from routine manufacturing have restricted opportunities for monitoring and implementing the technological advancements, due to their workloads. For this purpose, as CT Pharma Consulting, we aim to monitor the worldwide innovations on behalf of you and offer best solutions for your company. At this point, overcoming the problems of your existing manufacturing plant will improve your productivity and allowto make more room for new products.

Regarding the selection of new products, evaluation of alternative molecules with respect to the current product portfolio of the company, the production conditions in Turkey and applicable legislation and introduction into market as the first generic is coming into prominence. For this purpose, as CT Pharma Consulting, we provide optimum support for your company, in the stages of selection of new products best fitting to your portfolio and development of these products by analyzing your current situation.