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Within the pharmaceutical industry, where scientific and technological advancements are extremely fast, qualified personnel enables speeding up the company’s business processes and improving the product quality. For this reason, as CT Pharma, by identifying the training needs of foreign and domestic pharmaceutical companies, we organize various training programs on the subjects of R&D, manufacturing, quality, authorization, for sales and marketing departments the pharmaceutical technology, product development, pharmaceutical biotechnology, pharmaceutical patent practices, international patent rules in the pharmaceutical practices and pharmaceutical quality and deliver the recent developments. We also provide technical support and training services for any type of companies servicing the pharmaceutical industry and so aiming to technically strengthen their relationships with the pharmaceutical companies.

Besides our training list, we give you the opportunity to tailor the standard program to your company’sspecific problems and interests. 

Comprehensive course notes are provided for everyparticipant. The interactive structure of our training course gives the opportunity to discuss interests and problems of participants in an informal  atmosphere and get the answers and solutions they are seeking.